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All About Your Health and Emergency Help

All About Your Health and Emergency Help

Date Added: May 19, 2010 08:27:05 AM
Author: prpomo73
Category: Health
The article is dedicated to your health and basic first aid actions. Read thoughtfully and you will always know how to act in an emergency situation.

At present time you'll not surprise anyone with the number of accidents and attacks of diseases that happen daily. Health care is important so be ready. Though an emergency system is well-developed and we can expect the ambulance to arrive within ten to fifteen minutes, now and then the situation demands immediate medical interference. At the present time the government pays a lot of attention to educating the skills of first responder aid. It is understandable taking into consideration that a number of simple actions can in some situations save a person's life.

First aid is regarded as immediate care for a disease or injury that is commonly performed by a non-specialist. It generally consists of a number of simple techniques that may be performed with minimal equipment. You don't need to be a doctor to help injured or sick people to survive until actual medical assistance can be used. In case of minor injuries there is no need in further medical care provided that the first responder aid was correct. In more severe cases these life-saving techniques are vitally important before the ambulance car arrives.

If you come across a person that certainly demands first responder aid the first thing you should do is to call 911. When you make sure that ambulance is on its way to the sick or injured person, you should try to alleviate his sufferings until the ambulance shows up. Firstly, perform an emergency medical exam before accomplishing certain actions. What you need to do is to check the ABCs of first responder aid, i.e. Airway, breathing and circulation. In case you notice that there are obstructions in the airway, you have to remove it as soon as possible. If there is no breathing even after you have cleared the airway, you need to begin with artificial pulmonary ventilation. It includes interchange of breath into the mouth of the injured person and chest compressions. What's significant, you should stop the bleeding in case you notice that the person is wounded and achieve proper blood circulation.When you are aware of the basics of first aid, you may be certain that you and your relatives are safe no matter what occurs.

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